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Bring Back Your Joy For Life!


Think Right, Feel Right – 3 Natural Steps

light tunnel

Feeling down? Exhausted? Lost interest in your usual pleasures? Or perhaps you know someone who is struggling with this?


Three Important Things About Stress


This afternoon I experienced an honest to goodness, over-the-top primal stress response....





Having trouble getting a good night’s sleep? If so then you are not alone, it’s a common problem with a heavy impact on daily activities and health.


5 Important Actions When You Need To Be Brave & Strong

brave and strong

I had a thought provoking conversation with a wonderful lady I met for the first time today. She is passionately involved in fund raising for a very worthy cause - The Cancer Council. We were talking about those people who are ill and their support team…the ones who are often left behind with their arms empty and their hearts full of grief.


Regaining Your Power of Focus

prism focus

I have this fabulous little LED torch. You can widen the beam to cover a broad area, or you can narrow it down to a single powerful beam to spotlight something in particular. Your attention is somewhat like this little torch, you can take in a broad amount or narrow your beam to focus on one thing in particular.

4 Tips for Career Mothers

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In my last post I wrote that the hardest thing about being a career mum is not actually being a career's how you feel about it all on top. How you think and feel about what you are doing has the potential to change it from a joy or challenge to a drudge and a burden. Here's four simple tips to help you change or control the way you feel about what's going on in your world.


Finding Peace Between Career and Motherhood

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As a single mother the decision to work was a no-brainer for me. But, it wasn’t just because I wanted more than a pension could provide for myself and my daughter.


Why Tiny Tweaks Matter


There is real truth to the saying as you think, so shall you be.


Making Self-Care a Priority 


The concept of self-care can still be seen as a ‘luxury’ item and in our busy lives we often consider it to be an act of selfishness.


Finding Meaning in the NOW


We cannot expect to live a life devoid of troublesome moments...but we can find valuable meaning in even the darkest of times.


Living Consciously



Living Consciously means creating a state of awareness internally, externally and on the interaction between the two. It is about generating a sense of deliberateness and creating an intention for your life.


Three Step Wellness Approach



In this article I want to expand on the Wellness Model and talk about the three step approach that was instrumental in turning my life around several years ago and later saw me through a traumatic year.


The Wellness Model 



With the current crisis in world health, preventative action is the safest and most effective way to ensure the wellbeing for you and your family. This is part one of a series of five articles that will help you to gain some perspective on how to go about this.



Ten Time Management Tips 




In the workplace or at home, managing everything that comes along can be quite a challenge. Here's my ten top tips for managing your time.


Creating Pocket Memories




Last year when Sir Richard Attenborough passed away I foraged around in the DVD collection to find something I could watch in order to honour his memory. When I finally popped Jurassic Park into the player it was to experience something quite different than what I was expecting.


Fit Your Own Mask First.


article mask

Another busy week; that big project at work needs to be finalised and you really want to put a little extra time into it, the kids have exams, the pantry is looking a little bare, the car is due for a rego check, it’s been raining and the washing is piling up. You have a cold but there’s no time to stop. Sound familiar?