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Creating Pocket Memories




Last year when Sir Richard Attenborough passed away I foraged around in the DVD collection to find something I could watch in order to honour his memory. When I finally popped Jurassic Park into the player it was to experience something quite different than what I was expecting.

The opening notes of the beautiful Theme to Jurassic Park instantly transported me back to my daughter’s high school band performances in the year she learned to play this piece. There I was again in the audience, my heart filled with pride and my eyes with tears. Stunning to think that a simple piece of music can evoke such powerful emotion all these years later!

I’m sure you have experienced these phenomena when a sound, smell, taste or event triggers a memory or feeling for you. This simple idea can be deliberately used to create special moments in a busy day.

If you know you have a big or stressful day coming up, find something small you have kept as a memento and pop it in your pocket. Finding it there is a way to trigger special memories and feelings during the day. Simply take a moment to hold the object, travel back to that time and space to see, hear and feel everything again. The wonderful thing about this is your brain doesn’t really know the difference between actually experiencing something and just thinking about it. If you focus on those positive sensations clearly enough you can effect a change in your physiology and state.

Keep this in mind when you are enjoying a special experience. Look around for a small memento (ecologically sound of course!) that you can add to your collection. To really anchor the memory hold your special object and focus on what you see, hear and feel at the time. Do this again when you get home to anchor the memory firmly. You might use a seashell, a small stone, a movie ticket or other small item. Keep them together in a trinket box or memory drawer. Mobile phones can also be used as a trinket box for special photographic and musical memories. Music is always a powerful trigger for memories. Create a special collection of positive music on your phone and take a moment to experience a new altered state when you need it most!


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