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The Wellness Model 



With the current crisis in world health, preventative action is the safest and most effective way to ensure the wellbeing for you and your family. This is part one of a series of five articles that will help you to gain some perspective on how to go about this.


It's very clear that we need to start looking with fresh eyes at how we are managing our health and wellbeing. Mental and physical illness is clearly on the rise as is the use of powerful drugs to treat them.


Preventative Wellness is a concept that holistically embraces mind, body and spirit.  It has an active focus on maintaining and promoting a healthy well balanced whole person rather than waiting for and treating disease as it appears.

Preventative Wellness begins with a foundation of self-awareness which in turn allows you take responsibility and act on what it is you need to change.

The appearance of Dis-Ease is itself symptomatic of imbalance and stress across a range of areas in life. The physiological process of stress works to give us extraordinary resources in a time of need; brain power, strength, speed and agility. In order to do this resources are diverted away from areas such as the reproductive, digestive and immune systems, returning these systems to working order when the danger has passed. It is a beautiful and efficient system, yet one that causes us great difficulty in our modern world. 


The demands of a busy life, coupled with bombardment of emotional pressure from social media, television and advertising, along with poor nourishment from processed, starchy and sugary foods have created chronic levels of stress in the mind, body and spirit. 

Our ability to ruminate on a problem tricks our body into believing that the danger is still present and the stress response continues - often long term. Over time this leads to vulnerability and illness. You may treat the immediate illness, yet miss the elements of life that are out of balance leading to stress and further health problems.

This brilliant quote from Charlett Mikulka says it all:

“ The way I see it, our emotions are music and our bodies are instruments that play the discordant tunes. But if we don't know how to read music, we just think the instrument is defective.”

The Wellness Model includes a wide range of areas that impact mind, body and spirit and can be difficult to define and measure. Nevertheless, they contribute in a powerful way to both our health and wellness. A simple tool commonly used to assess overall wellness and identify areas needing attention is the Wheel of Life. I’ve put together a simple Health & Wellness worksheet that allows you to check eight Life and eight Health areas. These cover the main areas that impact your mind, body and spirit. This is important as you may be right on top of your weight and fitness but your mind and spirit may be suffering and that suffering causes stress and illness.


This worksheet also allows you to prioritise which areas you feel will make the biggest overall difference to your current wellness and offers some easy steps to get started. If you would like a copy of this worksheet just send me an email to info@deeptree.com.au

 wellness worksheet

Most importantly, understand that your wellness starts when you become aware and take responsibility before your body begins to show the signs of your Dis-Ease.


Want to set some practical goals from your worksheet? Book a free 15 minute consult for some clarity on where to go from here.

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In future blog articles I'll be exploring the concept of the Wellness Model in more detail.

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These programs include coaching for Mind, Body and Spirit as an holistic approach to wellness. Read more about Leonie Here


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