Why Tiny Tweaks Matter



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Why Tiny Tweaks Matter


There is real truth to the saying as you think, so shall you be.

When you have a thought a chemical signal is sent to your body which produces a matching physiological response in your body. In turn, the physiological response triggers a matching thought. So, alarmed thinking triggers a stress response in your body which is then supported by more stressful thinking.


However, once you have a correcting thought noting the danger has passed, the autonomic nervous system kicks in to restore balance in the body.


The important thing to understand here is your body does not know the difference between a real problem happening in the present moment and you thinking about it. Our ability to ruminate or continue to think about the problem over and over causes your body to continue the physiological stress process for a longer term.


Over time, stressful, anxious or depressive thinking can become habitual and begins to impact health and quality of life. The immune system becomes suppressed and your stress begins to manifest as Dis-ease.


Here's where Tiny Tweaks come in! Every time you take action to break the thinking / feeling cycle, you give your body time to trigger a return to homeostasis or balance. Keep working on this and you can change the habitual patterns and create a better long term platform for living.


There are three important things to note about using Tiny Tweaks:


1. You first need to be aware of your thoughts and feelings. Once you begin to notice your thinking patterns you can decide whether they are supportive or not.

2. You must also decide that it is important to take action and make changes to stop operating habitually.

3. Make your changes small and achievable. Big changes can result in strong resistance. By starting at a small and achievable level it is much easier to measure and build on your success over time.


So what is a Tiny Tweak? Anything that interrupts the stressful thinking / feeling pattern long enough for balance to be restored in the body. It can be a switch to positive thinking, a few minutes of calm breathing, adopting a tall, open body posture, moments of gratitude, appreciation and more.


Practice Tiny Tweaks in your day every day and I promise you will notice a difference in the longer term!


“as you think so shall you be”



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