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5 Important Actions When You Need To Be Brave & Strong

brave and strong

I had a thought provoking conversation with a wonderful lady I met for the first time today. She is passionately involved in fund raising for a very worthy cause - The Cancer Council. We were talking about those people who are ill and their support team…the ones who are often left behind with their arms empty and their hearts full of grief.

She said; I can’t believe how strong they are, how brave.

I thought back to my own recent and still raw experience. I didn’t think I was that kind of strong or brave either. And then I realised we are all strong and brave. It’s just that these qualities don’t come to light until they are needed. Until something happens that requires us to be that way.

Even then, we most certainly don’t feel strong or even a tad brave. If we are lucky we are lovingly supported through our life event by family, friends or even support groups. But we never give ourselves the credit for bravely putting one foot in front of the other. No, we are more inclined to give credit to others – and of course it is well deserved. But so too is a little self-recognition.

By and large tooting your own horn is frowned upon and viewed as being conceited. But our inability to have a balanced sense of self-appreciation is a big contributor to low self-esteem and slow recovery rates. Not only do we suffer the pain and grief of the event we are going through, but we add a layer of judgement about how poorly we feel we are coping.

If you are going through a significantly difficult time or supporting someone who is, here are five tips that can help you to get through and build your resilience and self-compassion.


Focus on Small Goals
Don’t spend time looking at the big, overwhelming picture. Just think ahead one day, one hour or one activity at a time. Tell yourself that is all you have to do.


Claim Your Wins
Make a note of each achievement – no matter how small. Take a moment to reflect and tell yourself 'that was good, that thing that I did.' Give yourself a mental tick – or even go as far to create a real list complete with big green ticks. For each achievement also acknowledge what attribute or resource you used. Perhaps it was courage, determination, compassion or love. Note it and own it!


Prioritise your Self-Care
Traumatic times require higher levels of self-awareness around your health and wellbeing. Listen to your body and treat yourself with the care you would if this were your own child in need.


Accept Help
Let others help you. Sounds simple, yet the care and help of family, friends and community is one of the most powerful forces in action. Let it happen, be a part of it.


Practise Gratitude
When times are rough all we can see and experience is the rubble around us that used to be our life. And yet, there is still so much to be grateful for. Gratitude and appreciation is the gift that balances the scales of our experience. When you give weight to even the smallest moments of beauty and grace you can tip the scales and lighten your heart.


So, if you think you are not brave or strong enough…take it from me – you are. Just treat yourself with the love and compassion you deserve.




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