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Think Right, Feel Right – 3 Natural Steps

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Feeling down? Exhausted? Lost interest in your usual pleasures? Or perhaps you know someone who is struggling with this?

If you suffer from stress, depression and/or anxiety, it feels like nothing can ever help, and nothing will ever change… that’s what it does to your thinking. It makes you feel certain that you can never feel happy again. 

It drains the pleasure from things you used to enjoy, makes you see everything through grey-tinted glasses and eradicates hope and energy.

In short, these three states are a parasite that feed off your life.


I can remember feeling as if a hole was opening up at my feet ready to suck me in. I had no idea how to get out of the place I was in. But once you know how the process affecting you actually works, then you start to gain power over it and hope starts to sprout again.


I learned three natural steps that can help overcome the problem naturally and I want to share them with you here.


  1. Understand WHAT is happening and WHY
    Know that when these states take control they change your thoughts and feelings so that you might believe there is nothing you can do. That’s why you will make better progress when you get help from someone who can guide you through understanding how this happens and how you can take control back.

  2. Learn how to shift your state to calm
    Put your focus on learning to create natural states of calm that put you back in control and where you have reduced the amount of worrying and introspection you are doing. This is to prepare your brain to learn, and to put you in a more resourceful state. Because as you’ve probably noticed, stress, depression and anxiety make it almost impossible to pay attention, retain information or take positive action.

  3. Take meaningful action.
    Next you can take meaningful action to resolve any practical problems that are causing you stress or worry. As you feel better, you can gradually introduce elements to your life that will protect you from becoming caught up in that process again.


Of course, these states don’t shift overnight, but you can use this natural and effective process to;

  • create a state of restful calm for longer periods
  • calm your busy mind
  • take action on problems that are causing you stress
  • work on any relationship difficulties you may be having
  • help you balance your thinking so you are not plagued by negative thoughts


Chronic stress, depression and anxiety can make you feel hopeless. And these states have been painted as being unmanageable. But there is hope and there most certainly are simple and achievable things you can do that have the potential to change your life or someone you know, for the better. 


The most important thing of all is to take action now! Too often we put ourselves on the back burner. The longer you leave the problem there, the more it takes control of your life.  By taking the first step and getting help you are already taking control of your situation.


And trust me...there really is light at the end of the tunnel!


About Leonie Cridland


Leonie is a qualified Coach (Health & Wellness, Life Cycle, Workplace) NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.

She works with others to apply simple and practical techniques that create a state of calm in mind and body. She then continues to support her clients to resolve problem areas and find a stable life balance.

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