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Workplace Coaching


bee2Discover the true value of people and workplace culture excellence.


Coaching plays an extraordinary role in developing exceptional people, outstanding workplaces and successful organisations.  

Workplace Coaching:

♦ Enhances & activates traditional training

♦ Nourishes strong workplace cultures

♦ Grows & empowers leaders

♦ Builds effective teams

♦ Develops individuals

♦ Resolves issues and conflict

♦ Builds safety, health & wellness in the workplace

♦ Helps to reduce absenteeism & down time


Coaching in the workplace achieves excellent results across a range of areas including:


  • Effective communications
  • Conflict management
  • Time management
  • Leadership skills
  • Team building
  • Change management
  • Stress management
  • Anxiety management
  • Project Management
  • Enhanced activation of training
  • Career mapping
  • Performance management
  • Effective goal setting
  • Values & beliefs alignment
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Life cycle challenges
  • Creative planning
  • Personal issues




Coaching for Individuals

This one-on-one format is always based on creating self-awareness, accountability, responsibility and on taking meaningful action. It can be used to develop leadership skills, improve communication, resolve conflict, improve performance or to meet a specific goal. This is a safe and confidential way for employees to explore their personal development in the workplace. 



beesWorkshops and Group Coaching

Group coaching sessions are available along with these workshops which can be run internally:

• Effective Communications

• Stress Management & Work/Life Balance

• Time Management

• Workplace Wellness


Brand & Culture Building

In the mind and heart of the community, your business brand is indistinguishable from your business and workplace culture. A memorable brand culture starts at the heart of your organisation and is carried out every day by your people. Your culture has the ability to make or break your business - internally and externally.

As a brand and culture specialist with over 25 years experience in corporate and small business you'll benefit from a rare and potent combination of skills targeted to bring the best out of your people and business

Talk to me about cultural programs for your organisation and individuals.


 Read More About Workplace Stress Management & Life Balance Here


Workplace Coaching Packages

Employers may purchase coaching individual sessions or a Workplace Package that can be used across multiple employees over time.

Contact Leonie on 0438 767 148 for your customised solution.

Email Leonie at:



About Leonie

Leonie is a highly motivated and experienced coach, with experience in both small and corporate business. 

With a special focus on teaching Natural Calm, she is also enthusiastic about helping to create happy, healthy and thriving workplace environments. Key to this is a focus on developing self-empowered and motivated individuals and teams. This includes skills that develop better more efficient work pactieses such as: communications and priority management.






♦ International Certification NLP Coach & Practitioner, Time Line Coaching & Hypnosis.

♦ Nationally Accredited Life Coach (Health & Wellness, Life Cycle, Workplace)

♦ Natural Depression Treatment Program

♦ Certified Laughter Yoga Leader



Over the years Leonie has also worked in corporate business across marketing, management, sales, training development, advertising, media and have delivered seminars and presentations in Australia and at International events.

Workplace Coaching for performance, safety, conflict, teams and leaders. Coaching in the Mackay region and across the state.