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Workplace Programs for Stress Management

From Overwhelm to Calm, Control & Focus


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Programs for Groups or Individuals to develop emotional intelligence, build resilience, manage stress and find balance in the workplace.

Because happy, healthy people realise their potential, perform better and have greater job satisfaction.


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stress management iconWorkplace stress has been linked with high levels of absenteeism, loss of productivity, breakdown in important relationships and poor health outcomes. The cost to the economy and employers runs into the billions every year. The cost to individuals can be their job, family breakdown and serious health issues.


stress programNatural Calm provides a safe and successful long-term approach to managing the stress and the busyness of every day life.

This is an eight week group or individual program focused on:


  • Creating Understanding; the science behind the physical, mental and emotional stress response.
  • Generating Self-awareness; learning triggers, discovering old patterns and creating choices.
  • Taking Responsibility; making choices and taking action.
  • Revealing strategies and techniques that can be used in everyday situations.
  • Development of neural pathways that support new thinking, feeling and doing patterns.
  • Calming a busy mind for clarity and focus.
  • Building resilience and emotional intelligence.



stress to calm The Program: 

The Natural Calm Program can be run for a group or for individuals in the workplace.

It consists of:


  • 8 Weekly live one hour sessions
  • Weekly activities to practise between sessions
  • Weekly email support, resources and downloads
  • 2 x additional 60min one-on-one sessions (for group program participants)
  • Optional: 2 x 30min follow up trouble-shooting sessions



leonie cridland Meet Your Coach

Leonie is a qualified Life Coach (Health & Wellness, Workplace,  Life Cycle), NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist & Laughter Yoga Leader.  She uses a range of modalities including Meditation, Mindfulness, and  CBT based techniques to help others learn to find calm and life stability naturally. Leonie teaches practical and achievable techniques based on the latest findings and her own experiences.

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 Leonie provides Workplace Stress Management programs for groups and Individuals in the Mackay region and via online programs.