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Leonie Cridland

Work with me and learn to control the problems caused by stress, overwhelm, anxiety and depression.

Master the art of life balance and future creation.

Get on the path to living a full and meaningful life!



♦ International Certification NLP Coach & Practitioner, Time Line Coaching & Hypnosis.

♦ Nationally Accredited Life Coach (Health & Wellness, Life Cycle, Workplace)

♦ Natural Depression Treatment Program

♦ Certified Laughter Yoga Leader


Special Interests & Focus;

♦ Health & Wellness

♦ Stress Management

♦ Anxiety & Depression

♦ Mindfulness

♦ Hypnotherapy 

♦ Self-Care & Self-Love Development

♦ Meditation

♦ Deep Relaxation Techniques

♦ Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation

♦ Mind/Body Healing Connection

♦ Life Balance

Workplace Coaching Solutions


What I have experienced and know;

Just about every person I meet is living with some sort of chronic low level stress and overwhelm. At times this is punctuated by crisis moments where everything just goes 'pear shaped'. The way our world works and the way we function within it has changed so rapidly our brain and body has not had time to evolve to manage things at this speed.  In particular, levels of emotional regulation and resilience are deteriorating causing relationships and personal performance to suffer in the workplace and at home.


Most people don't realise they are operating under stress. Mostly they just feel...well normal! This normality however, includes things like long term fatigue, weight issues, constant colds and flu, aches and pains, sleeplessness, depression, anxiety or a myriad of other non-specific unhealthy feelings. 


How do I know this?

I know because once this was me too! But I got off the merry-go-round.

It took a long time!

I accepted responsibility for my own wellbeing and I began to focus on learning everything I could about my problem and what I could do to resolve it. 

I trained to become a Life Coach and NLP practitioner. 


What I believe and know

You do not have to put up with these high levels of stress and unhappiness with your life.  And, it may take less than you realise to change how you think and feel for the better. Finding your balance and learning to maintain it through life is an uplifting and inspiring process. Like taking the blinkers off you can begin to see the world through new more joyful eyes.

I have seen in practise that we can achieve better health, stronger relationships, more satisfying careers and more meaningful living through the application of simple and practical strategies and techqniques. 


My committment to you

My committment to you is this: to share with you everything I have learned and show you how to live a full, joyful and meaningful life NATURALLY.


Health, Wellness & Life Balance

Feeling out of whack? Stuck or overwhelmed? Can decide what to do? Perhaps you have niggling health issues that you just can’t pin down or take action on? Stress, anxiety, fear and other powerful states all contribute to our Dis-Ease. I can help you untangle the issues so that you can see a clear way forward, find your balance and make the choices you need to create the healthy life you want.  Take the time to work on yourself now and avoid the need for medical intervention.


Mind/Body Connection

I’m totally committed to empowering others to discover, understand and use the incredible Mind / Body connection to change thinking, feeling & behaviour to create powerful new outcomes for health & life creation. This knowledge and experience allows you to experience self-empowerment and shake free the shackles that have been placed on you by modern cultural practises and beliefs.


Stress, Anxiety & Depression

If you’re struggling with stress, anxiety or depression I can help you take back control of your thoughts and feelings to create a whole new life…the drug free way! I know your experience because in the past it has also been mine. I learned the hard way how to change my life – you don’t have to! Work with me to create new thinking, feeling and believing patterns that will change your life forever!


Work With Me

Call to enjoy an obligation-free 'connect with me' call. Tell me what's on your mind and we'll explore some ideas about a way forward.

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Deep Tree Life Coaching is located in Mackay QLD. 

Coaching is conducted with other locations via phone and skype and via online programs.