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Bring Back Your Joy For Life!



What People Say... 


I am a mother of 3 and I have 3 grand children. I have suffered from depression since I was a teenager. My health has been affected greatly and I have suffered from migraines, seizures and chest pains all of which I was on medication for. I am a cutter that helped me deal with the pain that was trapped inside me and I have also taken an overdose several times as I could not stop the terrifying thoughts constantly flooding my mind every day and every night.

I moved to a different state 18 months ago with my partner thinking that I could leave all my troubles behind and start a new life. I was wrong. My past followed me and again all the pain in the past was haunting me.

I have been hospitalised 3 times in my life with depression, most recently in December 2014. I had planned the last moments of my life and thanks to my GP and Counsellor I was hospitalised for 3 weeks. I was sleeping 18 hours a day. My memory was fading and I could not concentrate on a task as simple as brushing my teeth. I was taken care of by wonderful staff. When I left I was determined to get all the advice and help that I could get to stop this cycle from destroying my life ever again.

It wasn't long before I received an email letting me know that a Lovely Lady Leonie Cridland would like to see me. I was eager to learn as much as possible and her offer to come to my home and meet me where I felt safe was comforting. She came with lots of information on ways that I can change and take control of what has been destroying my life for more than 30 years.

We had several sessions together and I attended a few talks led by Leonie and her wonderful husband Jeff. My life has changed so much that I no longer take any medication at all. I have made new friends and am having fun, my relationship with my partner has been peaceful and he no longer fears that he will lose me. I have a new job I really enjoy and most important my children who have seen me at my worst are pleased to see that I am healthy and strong. I can enjoy my time with my grand-children.

Now my mind is set in the present and I look forward to the future. My unit which was almost empty and lifeless is now filled things that fill my mind with peaceful and happy thoughts.

What is wonderful is that I made a lot of small changes and that has lead to big changes. Its simple.

Thank you Leonie and Jeff you not only changed my life but those who are close to me as well. I am the healthiest I have ever been and I can finally say I am HAPPY!





Life coaching has changed my life. I am finally starting to live and not let my Anxiety control me. I am more active, happy and excited about life. Having anxiety for many years held me back from being myself. Leonie has helped me see more purpose and possibilities for my future. I am now able to recognise an anxiety attack coming and use mindfulness and breathing to help monitor my thoughts. This has helped reduce attacks and allow me to enjoy activities and social events that were once stressful and exhausting.




Since having Life Coaching a whole new life has opened up for me. My health is better - it’s without stress.
I now have a happy healthy life. I see everything in a different perspective. I know I do not have to take on anyone's anger, I have that choice and a smile changes lots of things.
This is what coaching has done for me: New Life!




I started coaching sessions with Leonie from Deep Tree Life Coaching because I knew I needed change in my life, I felt that I had lost my drive and that I was just living my life and going around in the same routine and not feeling any joy. I was needing direction and someone to help guide and stand by me.

During the coaching sessions, Leonie was able to identify the real reasons that were holding me back in life and causing me dis-ease. We focused on areas such as mindfulness, practicing gratitude and appreciation as well as self care. Leonie was not only able to help me understand how these affected my life, but she taught me how to make positive changes, live consciously and deal with the difficult days so that I would come out the other side and continue to grow.

By making these small, progressive and achievable substitutions to my mindset and everyday routine, I have been able to make positive changes that are now the foundations of my future.




My coaching journey with Leonie begun in a period of time in which I was extremely busy in many areas of my life, and at times feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Leonie and I connected straight away and that was due I believe to the fact that Leonie walks her talk daily, she is passionate, knowledgeable and draws on her own life experiences. I was able to not only define my goals, set them in a realistic time frame, but week after week achieve and organize my time and commitments that expanded my  thinking in such a way that provided me with more of what I thought I didn’t have enough of “TIME!”

The skills and tools that I now have through Deep Tree Life Coaching empower me every day, skills and tools that I will use for years to come.




I saw Leonie's business card in a local health food store on a day when I felt so overwhelmed with my life. I picked up the phone and made the call believing in my mind already that it was an impossible task for anyone to be able to help me find balance which I so desperately desired for. I had always been so in control and had the answers to everything, that was before I had children, went through a divorce, work load soared through the roof and then added study on top of that. Not to mention starting a new romantic relationship 18 months ago, which put more pressure on the already very little time I had available.

Leonie worked with my very busy schedule extremely well, not only was she able to open my mind up to the possibilities of finding balance in my life - I found myself feeling the way I used to feel when I was a child and growing into adulthood, that feeling of knowing somehow you will find the answer to a situation. The feeling of knowing someone is looking after you, from somewhere!!! 

Gee, I hadn't felt that feeling for many years, my inner peace has come back to me.

I'm a self-confessed perfectionist, Leonie has taught me ways of dealing with that inner need to have things perfect and everything planned to happen without disruption. Leonie's coaching has helped me accept that there will always be times of re-adjusting schedules. JUST GO WITH IT, is my inner voice now, instead of screaming with silent tears.

Little steps at a time, and a lot of smiles and laughter...

Thanks Leonie, for giving me this great opportunity to work with you and have you help me find ME again!!!"




Life Coaching has given me the opportunity to make some important decisions about work/life balance that I had continued to ignore for some time. Having a demanding and sometimes stressful job, I was always ‘going to’ make more time for myself, do more exercise, take time out etc. but never did.

Talking with my coach made me realise the importance of a better balance and together we set small achievable goals each session.  

My coach was so easy to talk to and was able to draw on her own life experiences to help me set my goals.
Just a few “small tweaks” have set me on the road to a better work/life balance and a greater feeling of health and wellbeing.